Floor Cleaning Equipment Parts is pleased to feature Lester Battery Chargers. Lester Electrical, the worldwide leader in industrial battery chargers, has a proven tradition of unrivaled quality, reliability, durability and longevity, even in the most demanding applications and environments. MVP carries both traditional Ferro-Resonant and new SCR battery chargers.

 The traditional Ferro-Resnonant (Ferro) charger, well known in the market place, has long been the standard of excellence for charging technology and is still available for many applications. These chargers, used in all manor of deep-cycle battery charging applications, still provide proven reliability, durability and accurate charging. They are are rugged enough for even the most demanding applications and are completely serviceable.

Lester Battery Chargers

We now feature Lester’s most advanced and cost-effective chargers with SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) Technology, continuing the tradition of proven Lester Electrical reliability. SCR chargers are designed to provide cost savings and improved charge control and can be factory programmed to support Wet (flooded), AGM, or GEL (Including Ni-Cad and Lithium-Ion) type batteries. SCR Technology, along with advanced microprocessor control utilize precise Lester Electrical charging and termination algorithms that prevent both undercharging and overcharging, resulting in optimizing both daily battery capacity and overall battery life. During long term storage, SCR design features a Refresh Mode, allowing the charger to remain connected to the battery to periodically refresh and condition charge your battery preventing self-discharge and reducing sulfation without damaging the battery. The efficient convection-cooled design offers optimal heat dissipation without the need for a cooling fan, further enhancing reliability and charger life. In addition, the SCR controller is completely encapsulated in a protective material, protecting the electronics from moisture and corrosion.

Floor Cleaning Equipment Parts currently stocks SCR chargers programmed for wet cell use only.